The bot that does it all 

esports undeniably one of the fastest growing industries of the world, has innumerable number of people joining daily in the hopes of making it big .This eventually means that more and more of tournaments being hosted daily meaning more and more of registrations happening daily . Definately with the increasing number of registrants there was a increase in the number of companies that host these tournaments and daily scrims so that people may test their skills and win some prizes based on their skills . While playing these games in competetive  may be a lot fun but managing these may become tedious some times due to all the works like making lists , making sure the joining links reach people in time and much more that comes with it . 

Discord has been one the major places to go if you want to learn more about esports, games, and overall smartphone related everything. Being one the biggest apps and being one of the most cool apps to use it also allows you to implement self created  bots on your servers that you may use for whatever you created them . One of the examples of which is CUSTOM HELPER Bot , made by two teenagers working for esportshub . They encountered the problem that whenever they had to open registrations for daily scrims , a whole lot of their time was used in opening registrations, then making lists , then adding people in groups and other things that can be done using an algorithm coded into server so that the work can be done easily without much of human interaction . They started coding and coded a bot which can open the registrations , make a list of all those registrations then add the people in respective groups/give them roles on server based on those registrations , all of this and more with the strike of a command . There has been saying that the next generation is the future of the country , well if the next generation can pull off something like this , We can easily say the future is going to be bright 

To check more about the bot , go to  custom helper 


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